The sounds of salesmen

Its coming up on almost a year since I left… Was asked to leave corporate America. Nothing was more soul crushing than having to scramble out of bed to sit in a sterile cubicle environment in dress slacks and some Ill fitting button up shirt waiting for some uptight douche be offended because a half inch of tattoo would creep out of my sleeve. Combine that with boredom and unlimited snacks brought in for who ever the fucks birthday it was it was no wonder even after a successful gastric bypass surgery I was eating my way back to 400.

The meetings, the bullet points, the action items, the calling in sick to work, the showing up late, the leaving early, the walking around looking busy only to hide in the shitter and text my friends while I got paid…. I don’t miss any of it.

What I miss is the six figure income and the guaranteed paycheck where as now it’s all About the grind, the hustle, and the constant juggling of tasks.

Everyday I’m a comedian, radio guy, writer, editor, Booker, manager, agent, shipping, customer service, designer, videographer and blogger.

My day is full top to bottom which is amazing but I’m starting to run into that wall where some projects that I’m working on with the hope of future earnings are panning out to be money losers or time Wasters or money makers for everyone else involved.

It’s an eye opening part of the entertainment industry because there is no shortage of untalented people who will gladly work for free just for the opportunity to feed their egos and the business owners only care about their bottom-line and not their product and they are more than happy to fuck over anyone who will let them.

Just like corporate America is there to suck the life force out of anyone who will gladly trade their energy for guarantees and healthcare.

Today was the perfect combination of passion and purpose and a few really bright lights were turned on and I’m beyond stoked on what’s coming next.

This weeks booking efforts has landed:

The Addison improv 7/21 to 7/24 plus a special late show on 7/23 with Justin Foster.

8/13 headlining the Addison improv late show and it will sell out.

8/15-8/19 Richmond Virginia and NYC with Blake Midgette and Jake Flores.

And some great potential opportunities in the works for the fall and one big one that might be a game changer.

Stay tuned and remember tomorrow is casual Friday so that means tomorrow at Starbucks I’ll be free balling it.

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