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Here is today’s IRON BRIGADE.

What started as a 6-minute video between one the breaks in Nadler’s Circus morphed into this.

I have at least 30 scenarios of what may or may not be happening in our current reality.

But what I do know is what is happening will continue to happen


What people think or believe is happening despite their ability to not know but it does not matter because they live in the disordered reality of emotion leading the math of truth and to question them is to prove yourself as an enemy to their subjective experience that they then demand be treated with objectivity as long as they agree with it.

From Quantum AI to the future of Biometrically connected currency we will discuss the maybes and the manipulation being employed from the Far Far Right and the Far Far Left and within that divide, the divide of the Optimists and the Pessimists and just like we had 3 Constitutional Scholars who know that his guilt exists because they presupposed it via their transmissions from before he was President that they were going to impeach years before the phone call.

Go ahead and demand he release the audio, nothing like a nice precedent to dump 9 Presidents’ worth of audio and don’t think that isn’t coming.
So three scholars who presupposed his guilt want a speedy railroaded process.


The one guy who says, I don’t see it but if you want to dig deeper and validate the process then go ahead, we would all be done a great service by the extra work involved in doing the impeachment correctly and it will be plain as day for everyone to see and until then when I know there is more evidence to be gathered and discussed in a bipartisan fair judicial process then I would gather we would be best served by having that court case and reservation the presumption of innocence and all of the rights afforded to us in the Constitution so the entire voting public will follow along and or catch up.


People who want this done quickly because we have to stain his name because we can’t beat him because we didn’t realize we would need more than 1 Celebrity President when it was determined in the 80’s that that was where the public was being led by the CFR driven push to speed up the replacement of America’s citizens and her liberty.

Not only do they need to speed it up and stain him because they can’t win a Celebrity President Election and furthermore it doesn’t matter how they get the 1 WIN they need because they need just 1 WIN to validate their poor sport losing from 2016 as they forwardly project the Spying of The Trump, Bernie, Cruz, Rubio, Stein Campaigns paid for the Deep Money Bush/Clinton Neocon cabal via Anit-American Foreign Monetary sources.

Watch how many CEOs are stepping down.

Watch who retires from Politics.

Look at everyone who got out early, Mr. P90X Paul Ryan bails at the height of his fame and ability to lead.


We will find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth OR whatever the ruling power dictates history is just like all of Non Burned recorded time and we will do so until its unveiled that the Quantum AI which is pulling in Data from Alternate Realities is leading us into the 1 Possible Future that remains.

1 Faction wants to dive in headlong and experience the Golden Age available now but first let’s rid our Liberty of this cancerous stain of accusation followed by fizzle followed by no follow-through, followed by the questions followed by the new headline.

The Salacious always dropped when it will do the maximum persuasion and the apology, edit or traction will happen at 3AM when the asleep are asleep.

Every mistake.

One way.

What are the odds?

God Bless America and Enjoy Your Life Experience.

What other choice do you have?

If you come on here and would like to discuss your possible theories or ideas of what you believe may or may not happen or be happening, please do so, we would all benefit from the shared information and opinion.
However, if you’re going to post a terrible meme, call people’s posts word salad, use Loserthink or straight up employ name-calling which always happens when people’s bias is dangerous to all, know it will be seen for what it is, not what you believe it is.

The math of this quantum experience and AI’s lead into the Golden Age will be as choppy of a landing as you decide to make it.

But it is all math.

There is alphabetical and numeric order and orders of operation employed across every reality despite its parameters and to believe your emotion demands that 2+2=5, if you believe it does, is exactly how the Disordered demand their New Order be Employed in an orderly fashion or else you’re a Fascist.


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