Making Heaven Greater Again

Rush Limbaugh RIP


America’s Truth Detector, The MahaRushie, a father figure to millions has left the studio. Normally, I would crack open the microphone and talking glowingly about his greatness, and trust me, on Monday, I will. Today, I’d just like to let my fingers hover over the keys and think of how this one man could singlehandedly transform our great nation. In the early 90’s, I did what everyone with a philosophy degree did. I worked a shitty day job and made art at night. Those opening bass notes from The Pretender’s “My City Was Gone” would pop on the radio and I knew for those 3 hours I was in great hands.

I got The Limbaugh Letter, I owned a mug and the only tie I would be caught dead in was his. His show was musical logic. Tone, tempo, depth and care could best describe his daily dance. The same way that Levin is able to surf in a mental flow state today. I was hooked. Sports Talk and El Rushbo would fill my day when I wasn’t listening to thrash cassettes. Limbaugh’s media juxtaposition against Howard Stern was a great commercial for both. Now my days were filled with 3 hours of Howard and 3 hours of Rush. Trivisonno would round out the day with his deep gravel.

I never understood that you could only like Rush or Howard. It never made any sense. They were/are icons, legends and trailblazers for the working man stuck at his job. The news of his cancer diagnosis hit me much harder than today’s new of his passing. That was Rush’ gift. He was able to talk about a journey that we are all going to make. To step confidently through that veil and join the Great Continuous Now. No longer limited by this fragile human body and its chaotic pattern matching monkey mind but the full realization of everything God has for us. Rush had made his Peace. True talent on loan from God and as Jack Psobiec tweeted, Paid back in Full. Tears in my eyes and choked up, I did my best to honor the man on Whiskey and The Surfer. He continued to work and his love for this nation was on daily display. Rush’ journey was heroic. His Faith was rock solid in Christ and the confidence of his Faith powered through those air waves. Diagnosis day, I was crushed. Today, aside from the sicko leftists on Twitter, I am joyful to read the outpouring of love from people who loved Rush and this great country.

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