Trump Email Kills A Liberal

It was carnage. Head on over to the FB page and watch an incredible meltdown. I thought the dude in her avatar was going to leave the picture.

Great reason to be prepared and make sure you’re home and family are well protected, there will be a time when the mob is not satisfied with monuments or gestures.

Sat in on You People last night!

Outrage Addiction and The Cure to Finding Your Everpresent Joy

Are you toes over the nose in the Simulation, or stuck in your house watching make up storms on a sunny day?

Surf’s Up
Take 2, My Damn Dinosaur Flip Phone Ran out of Sim Card.

Are you here to enjoy your day, let me get a FUCK YEAH!

What better place to manufacture civil conflict than at an “Outlet Mall”.

Nothing to see here, Back to Rioting.

If you want to know why Malls are being targeted aside from a cheap and easy insurance gimmick with the rise of online retail.

Anyways this was trending on twitter a couple hours ago.

Kill em All
Kill eMall

Enjoy The Show


Greatest 4th Ever, Glenn Beck loses his mind, Foreign Disinfo IGTV @realjohntole twitter @johntole FB @realjohntole Twitch @johntole Bitchute @realjohntole Whiskey and The Surfer iTunes JOHNTOLE.NET Endorse THE MFN PALE HORSE – Other than getting the date wrong and needing better glasses, and possibly errant Glenn Beck disinfo, let’s talk about GREATNESS, Hoaxes, Foreign and Domestic Dis and Misinfo, and The Greatest American 4th of July EVER!!! Who’s With US!!

Enjoy Your Cheesecake. This is real Leadership for ALL.

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BREAKING: My heartfelt apologies if there is too much or too little screentime up top for that extra editorial.

The sun is up like it always is.
The Flag is up like it always is.
Your Human and American Rights are here 100% unless you choose to give them away.

Which you can freely choose to.

The Rest of us Patriots are Thankful to be here enjoying our Liberty and will not allow is to be ripped from us by Communists, fruitcakes, and people with sub 85 IQs.

We are in the waning days of this insurgency, more than likely it will descend to acid and gas attacks and pray the military gets control instead of the public.

Peaceful Civil Disobedience is the only way to change and create a better system.

The destroyers need you disarmed and dead.
Not in that order.

New Iron Brigade will be up in roughly a half-hour.
We are going to be talking about Leadership.

and The Most Basic Psyop ever run
The optimist creators VS the pessimistic destroyers

Now we have proof, comms, bad actors, death, and a price tag.

The connected criminal cabal will be exposed across every level of this insurgency.

Or you know
Go take a Selfie with your stolen cheesecake.

I’m sure that image won’t be used against everything you believe in.

Which is pessimism, which is destruction, which is the state over God, which is the state over you, which is the state of your Chicom Totalitarian driven Secular Progress which gives you the moral high ground to kill those who disagree with you by any means necessary.

Those of us who see the longer game, know the stakes involved. Vandals are not martyrs and Riots do not create.

Enjoy your cheesecake. The Boomerang is going to blow your mind.

The 17th Watch, Staten Island Embarrassment meets Kathy Griffin’s Empty Needle

A quick discussion on the framing of the murder and coming murders in Minneapolis, juxtaposed against the National Guard protecting Christians so they can worship freely without being protested or harassed by the state. Staten Island, AREN’T YOU EMBARRASSED? We talk about the release of The 17th Watch and John Hopkins reviewed Dark Winters docs show that Martial Law is possible and a probable outcome of this Artificial Event. has all the relevant blogs and ordering info plus FB, IGTV, Bitchute and The Palest of Pale Horses over at The True American Frontier known as ROKFIN! Get the Apps on both ROKFIN and SOUNDSTOOTH and coming soon to SOUNDSTOOTH TV is JLJ’s Time Machine.

Venmo $10 to @John-Tole or more or use paypal to if you would like to order THE 17TH WATCH.

Ukranian Night Court starring Joe Biden as OJ

Wonderwheel is my production computer. Will he crash before we NEED THE FILE! Always an adventure, Always a Blessing. Always where it is the Last Place I Look. Let’s Talk Ukraine Justice and the Nere-Do-Wells and DNC Operatives covering for MS13/DNC Murders and Russian Hacking that leads to exfiltration but non-delivery. Assange is Trump’s get out of Jail Free Card.

They spent 5 years for the DNC and their MSM operatives to gorge on Orange Man Bad and Trump World Evil instead of bolstering and creating a Leader worth a fuck. We get this stuttering moron who is completely caught in this Ukraine operation. Did US Taxpayer get misappropriated by NGOs via the State Department and the Ukraine Embassy from Yovanovich, well then let her appearance in Schiff’s circus be enough of a TV Guide paragraph not to watch.

Meanwhile, the partisan pundits are done because when this goes Ukraine Justice, Their DNC First, China First, Anti-American lives will be shown for what they are.

This is Great, Get it.

New Iron Brigade 5/20/20 Whitmer’s Dam Scam, Rice’s Email and Biden’s Audio, DNC is taking on water

Today we talk about how the Michigan Dam leads to China’s cover-up of their Covid Creation, their clampdown on their citizen’s information and when will the Chinese learn about The Three Gorges Damn. Whitmer is getting set up, when she gives away jobs, money, and influence to her DNC pals for the cleanup, it will reveal the network behind why Flint is still a 3rd shithole Michael Moore ditched movie prop.

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