Please Ban This

In the Simplicity of the Infiltration is the Following.The Leaders who are perceived to be angry about the infiltration will have the entirety of their behaviors being labeled as a Public Health Issue. We need to stand up as Americans Right Now and Right the infinite wrongness involved in Suppressing and Condemning the Ability to question obvious Nonsense including and especially highlighting the Gas Lighting to Create Anger and the subsequent Anger being Medicalized as Dangerous.

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Rudy’s Greased In 45

From Hair Dye Persuasion to Biden’s Decline pacing Faster than Fox. Let’s get into Facebook’s Centra Program and How the Trump Campaign knows exactly how many votes they got. The reveal will be glorious and they reveal might be playing the Biden regression waiting game. Waiting is the hardest part. The equal protection and Signature Verification cases will get us where we need to get to. Why did Dominion close up shop? Why did hundreds of their employees disappear from Linked in?

Hunter’s Zoom Dick

Boomer Zoomer gets in trouble. Women drops a deuce so big she loses her memory. Neil Degrasse Tyson that same is now hurtling towards Earth and may send us back to 1619. Guy hangs from Trump Tower. Guy kills a Horse. ANTIFA has a Satanic Rally to bring back Shelly Long’s career from thedead and a guy gets engaged to his stripper GF during a Sunday Shift in Floriday. SLAYER, SCREECHING WEASEL, THE TRAMPS, RANCID and More!

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Hard Drives for Hard Time

Double shot of THE OFFSPRING, RAMONES, TOTO, THIN LIZZY, ICE CUBE, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, STEVE MILLER and SOCIAL D! Hunter Biden’s Dark Investigation. Trump’s nodding Smokeshow gets doxxed for Agreeing with him. We do a Common Core Math Problem in regards to Taxes on Illegal Donations. Beheadings from the Religion of Pieces, UK Sex Lockdowns, Burbank Mask Fines, Denver’s Group Outing Limitations and the Fastest Fakest Funniest Fake News from the Simulation in 2065 Get the Full video here on ROKFIN!