John Tole


You Don’t Thrash

John Tole is a Los Angeles based stand up comic, writer, broadcaster, podcaster, voice actor, regular actor, philosopher and metal head who secretly likes punk better. He was featured in Vice last year with the triumphant return of his band Pitboss 2000 and the power of a faith driven life transformation. Tole is the host of Whiskey and The Surfer, where he takes his listeners on a daily crash course in martyr school. Whiskey and The Surfer  is co hosted by a metal algorithm and two FM morning guys Wes Key and Fliip Riivers who go as Whiskey and The Surfer. Anyways, listen at or Go see him live and ask him about Faith after the show, he loves it.

Howard TV “Behind The Scenes with The Ronnie’s Block Party Tour”

Vann TV “Comedy Stir Fry”

I ran through a whorehouse on Justified, played fake pool on Bad Judge, carried construction equipment on Parenthood, dove away from an explosion on NCIS LA, played a Chechen Rebel on Agent X and broke out of prison on Angie Tribeca, on top of that I stand around looking less fat and I was voted most likely to be typecast as a “Paranoid Neighbor.”


Sirius XM Satellite Radio Howard 100, Howard 101, Rawdog 104 The Jay Thomas Show 24/7 Comedy Radio 93.7 KLBJ FM Austin 104.9 ESPN The Horn Austin


Moontower Comedy Festival 2012 and 2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 with The Altercation Punk Rock Comedy Tour Hell Yes Fest 2013 SXSW Interactive 20×2 Showcase 2014 Limestone Comedy Festival 2014 Oddball Comedy Tour Airheads Stage


“Live in Austin” recorded at Sure Thing with additional road worthy snippets. Raw, no rules.

“Never a Victim of Circumstance” a compilation, celebration of road victories and disasters.

Album “Fat Heaven” self released, no longer in print Album “Reign In Laughs” Stand Up Records available on iTunes or through their website. I give it a solid 6 out of 10.