UK Polyamory Wedding Gets The Once errr Fifths Over

Lady is married to two dudes also has two boyfriends and this unwatchable sitcom are these 5 Nere-Do-Wells Living Hell made out of carbs. Slade, Bad Company, BTO, Aretha and Slayer.


Meet the woman with a husband, fiancĂ© and two boyfriends

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Happy Thanksgiving Live Today 7pm to Midnight!

Hey Folks, another clip dropped today, more on the way!

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Pet Psychics and The Who, Why Not!

The Who
The Adolescents
and Fucked Up!…chics-telepathy

Nov 22 Man Sues over Bad HJ


Man Sues Spa after still employed masseur slipped him his phone number and an extra digit.

The Scorpions
Quiet Riot

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