10/22/18 Whiskey and The Surfer The Fakest in Fake News


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Sepultura, Nailbomb, Billy Ocean and we turn The Caravan’s Trash into an Etsy Store that pays for the Basketweaving degree because these people need boats.

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10/19/18 Fake News Extravaganza Whiskey and The Surfer


Caravan of Chaos into the Call of Cthulu and Chalupa Coupons for Voting brought to you by ICE.



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10/16/18 Section 1 Whiskey and The Surfer DNA Tests are In



Chunk 1 Brings Us

Paul Revere and the DNA says 2 if by Sea.

Manic Hispanic


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The Kinks


Eddie Money

Jane’s Addiction

The Fastest Riffs in Tinfoil. 

We break down Warren’s DNA, Why and How all the last 10 Dem Attempts at PR/News have all gone Trump’s Way. Who is holding all of the cards. Hillary crashes the Scooby Doo Van into the Saudi Embassy and she would’ve gotten away with it if the Van was filled with boxes of Dead Journalist.

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John Tole’s America featuring Whiskey and The Surfer 105ish JTL! Mom’s Lecture


Healing a re-civiled society and reabsorbing those caught in the maelstrom of illusion. Real Family Fixes and some weird shit.


This audio is a nod to those stations we strained to hear through the silence of the desert, the Red and Green Oasis ahead means sugar. 


I enjoyed making this.

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