Halloween Fake News Game Show!


Stories battle it out today as Columns 1, 2 and 3 of Drudgereport Battle to see who has the Most Worthy story of our Perusal. From Mind Control to triggering a Crucifixion.

And Fonzi Cleans the School. Chuck Berry tries to join Testament, Columns 1, 2 and 3 at Drudgereport.com battle to see who holds the best story, plus Caravan Car Karaoke, Steve Aoki, and why Jamba Juice is a front for Big Don Lemon.



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JLJ’s Lord of The Riff 1


We go to Ireland to celebrate today’s martyr Blessed Dominic Collins (1) 1566-1602 Irish martyr, Jesuit brother. Gnarly story which ties into today’s episode of Whiskey and The Surfer.



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Fake News Maniac Monday, WATS on Bombs and The Westside Caravan Connection


Fonzi Cleans the School is our Nation’s Latest Hit. The Sox WIN! The Left blames the Sunrise on Donald Trump and when asked the Sunset The Left said I don’t see color, SUN. Ramallah, Mind Control, Westside Connection, Soft Cell, Andre 3000, Weirder than Weird.



Episodes are archived there. 

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Fake News Friday 10/26 Van Bailen is Flirting with Disaster THIS IS WEIRD EVEN FOR THIS


The Democrats Seem Angry. What will unify America and Whiskey and The Surfer and the answer is The Cars, Havok, Iron Reagan, Foreigner gets an H1N! and closes hard, Bon Jovi gets creepy and Chris Christie packs a surprise.


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Thirsty Thursday Fake News Roundup 10/25 WATS Takes on Maxine’s Wig


If a Comedian bombs in the Woods does the Internet believe in hearing evidence anymore. Big Thirsty Thursday Extravaganza.

Gene Simmons, BOC, Demolition Hammer, GBH, The Crue, Why eliminate stamps when you can make Tongues illegal. Why is this line at the Not Post Office so Long? So Long? Oh Know! Swamp periods, Superman 2, Witches, Parties and the Internal Fire as portrayed as the Inferno of Fake News coming at you LAF.




Thanks and RIP to Father Al!

Go Red Sox!

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10/24th FAKE NEWS WATS Pipe Bombs a Karaoke Bar and demands Equal Time


Let it flow, Fast and High is the TEMPO. Triple Shot of KISS, Pantera, Billy Idol, DRI, Katy Perry Demands equal time and we break down the math at the Center of these ACME Pipe Bombscares.


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Fake News Tuesday 10/23 WATS Takes on Adam Schiff, Kathy Griffin and Congress has a Machete Fight.


Fake News Tuesday 10/23 WATS Takes on Adam Schiff, Kathy Griffin and Congress has a Machete Fight. Kid Rock, Eminem and ICP save Detroit from the Caravan. Horror Show, listen if YOU DARE!




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