Architects of The End Part 2

DJ Phantom throws her fingerless driving gloves on, grabs the wheel of this Digital Ferrari and jams out with RATT, AUTOGRAPH, BIOHAZARD, TESTAMENT, MINOR THREAT, CROMAGS, a Glitchy Chord Part Deux as we find ourselves in Wichita KS at The Loony Bin Comedy Club with Trenton Davis. Back in Denver for Shows at The Larimer Lounge on 12/5 with Brian Cook, Sean Patton and more go to use the Amazon Link there or at the failing See you on Monday as we rage from the Studio that is Sex Pot Comedy. Thanks for tuning in, sharing, using the links and generally being great human animals. Your captors await but you keep raging. America.



Architects of The End Part 1



In lieu of articles, we go into the fall of the Roman Empire and find the cyclical wheel of human destruciton, control, frailty and madness evident at all times. Perhaps is there an Architect in this world who once again would like to lay seige to the Vatican, its a mosh on Thursday, we are heading to The Loony Bin in Wichita KS to rock rage with Trenton Davis, 1 show Thursday, 2 Fri and 2 Sat and we are back in the Mile High. new digs, new studio on Monday, lets see where this culmination of megaupload or is it MAGAUPLOAD plus we jam out to Ramallah, Pitboss 2000 predicts the current NFL Scandal vs The Implementation of the Oligarch to cover for a series of Shadow Governments. How will the work react to these 33k emails and was it a ruse all along to dump them to speed up the action of the fall of mankind.