First time recording live from the Sexpotcomedy.com Studios from Denver, we are celebrating Halloween, avoiding all Candy at this point, Freddy Kreuger shoots up a party and SOD Rages up TOP. DJ Phantom throws in a double shot of IN COLD BLOOD, speaking of COLD BLOOD, it is all YOU WILL BLEED when KIX Rages and we grab the boob of a girl at Sheetz while we fist double burrito tallboys in the name of Anthony Weiner becoming the Phallic in the Zeitgeist of paying attention as we uncover a BLOOD RELATED CLINTON CONSPIRACY, tainting blood across the world as these monsters seek to limit the population and control through Pandemics, Famine, War, Pestilence, more lyrics? MAYBE Are Rogue FBI agents really dropping resignation letters churning up a new investigation or is HRC running down the clock, seems like a total screw job, Cubs Win, Clinton Wins, Same Blue or does Cleveland become the TITLE TOWN WITH THE CAVS, THE TRIBE and THE TRUMP for a triple dipper win of excitement, well thats enough to remind you that Dangerous Toys said I LIKE BEING SCARED and both Anthrax and Death Angel dress up this HALLOWEEN AS KISS with COLD GIN and PARASITE. johntole.com/blog use the Amazon Link to help the show, sexpotcomedy.com to find the show streaming live through SEXPOT Radio, check out Denver Relief and the fine sponsors over at the site, both Cartpathdiem.com and whiskeyandthesurfer.com are treasure troves of Goodness. Don’t eat too much candy and remember to pray The Rosary, our time to be called into the game is fast approaching, LETS GET LOOSE.



The Lockuments


Anthony Weiner back in the news, triggering the Comey Reset, is there a bombshell off in the distance and always right on time as now 4 plane incidents, mechanical breakdowns, Fedex plane on fire, fire in Florida, cue W reading to Children, back to Weiner tied to NY back to a near miss over Syria between Rocky and Drago. Two things will happen, this rise in Nationalism in the face of the global erosion of the freedom of speech puts us in a fascination as a soon to be a physically monitored existence controlled by resources. Or a war will make that happen faster. There are people working on our behalf, have Faith.

That being said,

95% of the worlds grain crop can be destroyed in an hour. This is a mass culling because the dark forces at work have more to gain in this celestial JV / Varsity Battle for the pride of Earth.

Or for the sake of the planet as humans devolve the only humain gesture left would be to accept a physical stasis as you are virtually able to live the life you could enter at based on your wealth and intellect.

Find God on all your Horizons, grab a salad and work on your cardio.

Pray The Divine Mercy.





Architects of The End Part 2

DJ Phantom throws her fingerless driving gloves on, grabs the wheel of this Digital Ferrari and jams out with RATT, AUTOGRAPH, BIOHAZARD, TESTAMENT, MINOR THREAT, CROMAGS, a Glitchy Chord Part Deux as we find ourselves in Wichita KS at The Loony Bin Comedy Club with Trenton Davis. Back in Denver for Shows at The Larimer Lounge on 12/5 with Brian Cook, Sean Patton and more go to whiskeyandthesurfer.com use the Amazon Link there or at the failing Johntole.com/blog See you on Monday as we rage from the Studio that is Sex Pot Comedy. Thanks for tuning in, sharing, using the links and generally being great human animals. Your captors await but you keep raging. America.



Architects of The End Part 1



In lieu of articles, we go into the fall of the Roman Empire and find the cyclical wheel of human destruciton, control, frailty and madness evident at all times. Perhaps is there an Architect in this world who once again would like to lay seige to the Vatican, its a mosh on Thursday, we are heading to The Loony Bin in Wichita KS to rock rage with Trenton Davis, 1 show Thursday, 2 Fri and 2 Sat and we are back in the Mile High. new digs, new studio on Monday, lets see where this culmination of megaupload or is it MAGAUPLOAD plus we jam out to Ramallah, Pitboss 2000 predicts the current NFL Scandal vs The Implementation of the Oligarch to cover for a series of Shadow Governments. How will the work react to these 33k emails and was it a ruse all along to dump them to speed up the action of the fall of mankind.


Media Sells The Guns



Media sells the guns that make the stories that sell more guns.

Brought to you by the Company who Loaned those guns for Freedom.

Pitboss 2000 Aug 2015. The Fix is In.


The Ronald McDonald of Psyops and we are absolutely jamming with EDDIE MONEY, SIMPLY RED, JUDAS PRIEST, RUSH, a Debut from The Almighty JUDGE. Mosh in your cubicle’s and prepare for a Nuclear Winter full of Car Magnets and Silent Moments. Pretty damn Metal, so metal we jam Ravencult’s latest thrashterpiece, new album drops 11/11/16 on METAL BLADE. How’s your cardio? There is something in the wind and it might just be a Yoga Mat that smells like a decaying demon but enough about CNN, do you ever wonder if maybe editing these might be a good idea?  Have a question, whiskeyandthesurfer@yahoo.com check us out at whiskeyandthesurfer.com and the show can also be found at sexpotcomedy.com and highlights all day on SexPot Radio, Johntole.com is in steel beam driven free fall and will soon be replaced probably by an antique view master I will pass around telepathically. Dial 1800MIXXALOT Do you own a landline ? Could imagine if you had to order which utilities would turn back on in which order they would go based on simplicity. . . . Anyway’s totally raged with Bon Jovi today, we’re halfway there everybody, Protect Your Neck. Nov 8th will be Christmas for Political Atheists. What am I doing, copy and pasting my lyric sheets again? \m/


The Final Swing Is Not A Drill



We get it wet with the National Enquirer’s deke into sullying the allegations against the DNC, HRC as they seek to find a way to chip at the foundation of Anonymous and Wikileaks and Assange’s Credibility. PLUS DJ Phantom says, here is some POWERTRIP, BILLY IDOL, TALKING HEADS, NIGHT RANGER, EDDIE MONEY, THE ALMIGHTY RINGWORM with THE PROMISE debuts on WATS for the first time and then we bust out some ELO and figure out reality, the long con, the short con as we rage into the Simulation and let the majority of Americans know the only thing that matters, THEY DONT THRASH. whiskeyandthesurfer.com sexpotcomedy.com johntole.com/blog check out the Amazon Link and Support The Show! Loony Bin Wichita this week with Trenton Davis, Thurs through Sat and back in the Mile High as we take over our new studio!




Assange’s Proof of Life Episode MS173



Its a triple Metallica Monday as we come back off the road from OKC, we talk about the worsening of Americans in a public setting, working on the Sabbath, The Relics of Saint Anthony, Keeping God on every Horizon despite the crumbling architecture of the Institutions who will enslave rather than fall. We talk about the launch of whiskeyandthesurfer.com and the fall of johntole.com, what will befall this administration that is battling to dumb down and out maneuver the rise of AI, The Machines and when everything comes home to roost where will you find your Soul inside of this Simulation. Its Episode 173, we go to Wichita, KS this week to Co-Headline with Trenton Davis. Where is Assange? Has this been a full on Deke from the beginning to set up the Top Shelf Game Winner for the Shadow Presidency of George Soros, sure everything is a goof, a joke, but at what point in the future of this country’s Decline will such talk be labeled “treason”. The blue helmets of reality are already here. GET READY plus DJ Phantom throws us FOREIGNER, ACDC, RATT, DEF LEPPARD, We Dump Mastodon and Rage with EXODUS!



NFL Picks thanks to St. Anthony

Landed back home in the Mile High and before we headed to our 17th level bunker under our Government’s future home, we had to go to mass.

They had legit relics from St. Anthony, part of his flesh that never decayed.

After mass we dried the ink on the Lockuments after yesterdays 4 and 1 effort.



See you tomorrow Noon Mountain.



The Lockuments are In


I’m up and watching Judge Napolitano implicate HRC in an internet bribe and the kill switch appears to be dropping with Monday’s Leak. The coming war using Uranium sold to the Russians by a shell company owned by Podesta’s daughter, well that war will be deadly and cause just enough distraction to hasten the finally lock being put on your freedom.

That being said, you want Locks?

Middle Tennessee +6.5
Auburn -9.5
UTEP +9.5
SMU +21.5
Memphis -3.5

2 shows tonight in OKC.