We go live with almost all the bells and whistles, live Golf Audio nestles itself nicely inbetween movie’s we are NEVER GOING TO SEE. Including Jack Reacfher 2 Electric Scientologaloo, MasterMinds and some movie about chess? Are we really that out of great stories? Cmon people. cartpathdiem.com johntole.com Live from Denver 17 floors below the Denver Airport its Whiskey and The Surfer.

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LATE – Whiskey and The Surfer 157


DJ Phantom throws some hard metal, we talk about the revisionism that will erode the truth of life and the globalist agenda to outlaw even the idea of belief. That being said, eat something healthy, go for a walk and be creative, you’re going to be dead one day.

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Black Moon LSD Clownpocolypse – Whiskey and The Surfer -156


DJ Phantom switches teams again and recovers from a bad connection to bring us Malevolent Creation, Suicidal, Sepultura, Modern English, we bounce The Thompson Twins and jam The Cars and Raven. We get into Black Moons, LSD to change the brain, dudes who swear off women because their inner ugliness has matched their outer appearance, Boner Coffee and The Coming ISIS driven Halloween Clownpocalypse.

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Mile High – Whiskey and The Surfer MS154


DJ Phantom throws an all 80’s dance party and then tosses in some Vio-lence and Vader. The Non Metal Fans will love it for sure. We mourn Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez, we figure out the World incrementally increasing in crud and turn the lesson around and apply the same lessons to putting the move on the ball of life and engaging in purpose today. PMA cranked to 11. What else is there? The Debates are terrible and why Donald is gonna win. ST throws the ragers Suicidal Maniac and life is amazing.

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JLJ’s Mom’s First Appearance – Whiskey and The Surfer MS152


DJ Phantom throws rock heaters of Night Ranger, Motley Crue and Judas Priest and MORE IMPORTANTLY! JLJ’s Mom, Sheila Tole rages in the Simulation, we learn about bad Halloween’s how my Brother’s Musical Tastes were controlled with a circuit breaker and we talk the Parable of the Sewer. On top of that, Metallica and Pantera rock rage with us in the 1s and 0s of the digital Simulation, the show has an argument over voting.

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Satanic Trumple – Whiskey and The Surfer 151


Three AM Raging in the Sim, jamming out to Jasta, Rush, 38 Special, Domination by Pantera, Metallica, we continue to hate Led Zeppelin, we jam out to Massacre, talk Satanic Temples and anxiety causes cancer and how to save yourself. johntole.com cartpathdiem.com

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Under The Gun – Whiskey and The Surfer 148


DJ Phantom loses her connectivity and then resets with Testament, Pantera and completes a double shot of Cro-Mags, we talk about teaching via parable in the simulation, being a full lvinig sacrifice, getting of the way and smiling and dialing into some Slayer, old school Suicidal, Twisted Sister’s We Not Gonna See It Movie Review Segment and we have the documents showing German Nazis beating the undocumented and the cops coin flipping their job description inside of the Holographic System we call Now. Time is Running Out

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Infected Voice – Whiskey and The Surfer 146


We talk Punch Comedy, Genuine Joes, a golf free episode we get into Rush, Death, Sepultura, Metallica and Vio-lence. A chick loses her mind at a Wendy’s and I almost kill a guy at a Starbucks. We forget to talk about wrestling again and we have 2 shows this week.

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It’s Over Johnny – Live Golf – Whiskey and The Surfer MS145


DJ Phantom rages in the golf cart of life as the boys take the show on the road, we get audio from Holes 1 and 2 from Hancock on a gorgeous monday AM, we then hit the studio, fill in some gaps, HEY NOW, we hear from Styx, a Maiden Cover, we think its Dio but its Ripper Owens, plus Ratt, we hate the Misfits not once but twice and DJ Phantom throws JLJ some Queensryche as a reward for parring number 1 even though Hole was a disaster. What kind of AHole plays golf on the radio?

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The 930 Collapse – Whiskey and The Surfer


Stephen Pearcy threatens to put us on a shelf so DJ Phantom turns it all around with debuts from Demolition Hammer, JLJ Dumps April Wine to go along with all wine except for the blood of Jesus, even though he missed church to post this blog and edit this show because Whiskey and The Surfer is joining The Rust Belt Hammer Podcast to rage down to San Antonio for tonights card with Booker T, Matt Cross, Kurt Angle and more. In this show we talk about a potential currency reset on Sept 30, we meet a fellow tin foil hat dude who sends us down a rabbit hole as we figure out the rabbit hole inside of the KLBJ Prize van we live in. Sweet jams from The Crue, ACDC, Journey, Death and Van Halen.






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